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*All hours are based on JST.

Event Name

Hokkaido Marathon 2024
・Japan Marathon Championship Series・G2

Host Organizations

Organizing Committee for Hokkaido Marathon 2024

Hokkaido Amateur Athletic Association, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press, Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (UHB TV), FM Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (AIR-G’), Hokkaido Government, City of Sapporo, Hokkaido Sport Association, Sapporo Sport Association, Hokkaido Association of City Mayors, Hokkaido Association of Towns and Villages, Federation of Hokkaido Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hokkaido Economic Federation, Hokkaido Committee For Economic Development, Hokkaido Tourism Organization, Sapporo Tourist Association, Hokkaido Medical Association, Hokkaido Association for Acute Medicine, Hokkaido Nursing Association, Hokkaido Physical Therapy Association, NPO Runners Support Hokkaido

Supporting Organizations

Japan Association of Athletics Federations, Japan Blind Marathon Association


Hokkaido Amateur Athletic Association, Sapporo Amateur Athletic Association


Hokkaido University


August 25, 2024 (Sun.); starting time: 8:30 (First wave: 8:30; Second wave: 8:45)


Full marathon (42.195 km)


2024 World Athletics and Japan Association of Athletics Federation (JAAF) rules, World Para Athletics Championships (WPA) rules, and Hokkaido Marathon rules will apply. Doping tests will be conducted with the WA rules.


Men, Women, Visually Impaired Men, Visually Impaired Women, Open Division [Newly Established]

◆ Open Division
・The Open Division is intended for those who do not wish to be ranked for the race or defined by gender or age.
*Registration as a RUNNET member (free of charge) is required to enter in this division, and gender and age must be entered at the time of registration.

Entry Fee

Domestic 16,500 yen, Overseas 22,000 yen
*Charity 200 yen included.
*Tax included.
*A separate entry service charge applies (different for domestic and overseas participants).


Men and women who are at least 19 years old on the event day (excluding high school students) and capable of completing the full marathon within 6 hours




Sapporo Odori Nishi 4-chome (Ekimae dori) – Susukino – Nakajima Park – Hiragishi dori – Sosei Tunnel – Soseigawa dori – Miyanomori-Kita 24-jo dori – Shinkawa dori (halfway point) – Hokkaido University – Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Office) – Ekimae dori – Odori Nishi 4-chome (Ekimae dori)

  • This course is certified by the JAAF, AIMS and World Athletics.

Starting Blocks

● This division into blocks will be made in the order listed below regardless of whether runners are registered with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations or ordinary runners.

  1. Invited or elite runners, athletes chosen for special training by the Japan Blind Marathon Association
  2. Ordinary runners who have an actual record of 3 h 30 min. 00 sec. or faster
  3. Ordinary runners in the order of anticipated time from the fastest

Request for general runners with the record of within 3 hours, 30 minutes, and 00 seconds.
[Please submit a copy of your “Record Certificate (net time acceptable)” of either domestic or international full marathon event held within the valid period. (Not necessary to submit this if you submit your record of Hokkaido Marathon 2022 or 2023.).

  • The valid period of records is between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2024.
  • Runners who have not submitted completion certificates by the deadline will be divided into blocks according to their personal anticipated time.
  • Entrants from overseas do not have to submit a Record Certificate (it may be checked if necessary).

Check points *Time limits are set based on the start of the second wave (8:45).

Cut-off point Closing time Time limit
1.2 km 9:05 20 min
5 km 09:35 50 min
10 km 10:15 1 h 30 min
15 km 10:55 2 h 10 min
20 km 11:35 2 h 50 min
25 km 12:15 3 h 30 min
29.8 km 12:55 4 h 10 min
35 km 13:35 4 h 50 min
40 km 14:20 5 h 35 min
41.5 km
(North Gate of the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building)
14:35 5 h 50 min
Finish 14:45 6 h 00 min

Course Facilities (including start/finish points)

Point Water Sports
Sponges Food Toilets
Number of
course facilities
19 12 4 4 22
2.0 km
*Newly Established
5.1 km
5.4 km
7.2 km
7.3 km
10.8 km
13.2 km
15.0 km
15.5 km
16.0 km
16.6 km
17.5 km
17.6 km
18.5 km
20.0 km
20.2 km
22.5 km
Maeda Forest Park
25.2 km
27.5 km
30.2 km
31.3 km
32.5 km
33.0 km
35.2 km
36.0 km
38.0 km
40.3 km
  • The schedule is subject to change.
  • Special drinks will be prepared for invited and corporate team runners and athletes chosen for special training by the Japan Blind Marathon Association and provided at a total of 8 points every 5 km.


◆ Entries for the travel plan with the right to run are accepted from March 1 (Fri.) at 12:00 (on a first-come, first-served basis).

*Domestic residents only

◆ General entries will be accepted from March 31 (Sun.) at 18:00 (on a first-come, first-served basis).

  • Please download the official Hokkaido Marathon app. (This site is only available in Japanese.)
  • Online entry applications (including for the Visually Impaired Division) will be accepted from April 2 (Tue.) at 18:00 on the official marathon website.
  • Runners from overseas cannot apply through the official Hokkaido Marathon app.
  • Overseas residents should please apply through the official travel agency’s website or RUNNET GLOBAL.

Click here for entry information


August 23 (Fri.) 13:00 to 20:00
August 24 (Sat.) 10:00 to 20:00

Odori Park Nishi 8-chome

Participation Prizes

All runners will be given an “On” original T-shirt.

  1. Also provided to escort runners accompanying those with disabilities (Visually Impaired Men and Women).
  2. Once you choose the T-shirt size, you cannot change it.


Sizes A Shirt length B Shirt width
XS 61 47
S 64 50
M 67 53
L 70 56
XL 73 59
2XL 76 60

Completion Prizes

  1. Completion Medal
  2. Finisher’s Towel
  • The completion certificate will not be handed out on the day of the event. It can be download from the official website after the race.
  • Also provided to escort runners accompanying those with disabilities (Visually Impaired Men and Women)


The following winners will be commended at the awards ceremony after the races.
Men’s and Women’s races: the first- to eighth-placed runners
Visually Impaired Men’s and Women’s races: the first- to third-placed runners registered with the WPA

A certificate of commendation will be mailed to the first- to third-placed runners by age group.

  1. First- to third-placed runners aged 24 years or younger (Men’s and Women’s races)
  2. First- to third-placed runners aged 25 to 29 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  3. First- to third-placed runners aged 30 to 34 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  4. First- to third-placed runners aged 35 to 39 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  5. First- to third-placed runners aged 40 to 44 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  6. First- to third-placed runners aged 45 to 49 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  7. First- to third-placed runners aged 50 to 54 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  8. First- to third-placed runners aged 55 to 59 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  9. First- to third-placed runners aged 60 to 64 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  10. First- to third-placed runners aged 65 to 69 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  11. First- to third-placed runners aged 70 to 74 years old (Men’s and Women’s races)
  12. First- to third-placed runners aged 75 years or older (Men’s and Women’s races)
  13. Visually Impaired Men’s race: the first- to third-placed runners not registered with the WPA
  14. Visually Impaired Women’s race: the first- to third-placed runners not registered with the WPA
  • The names and times of the following runners will be published in the Hokkaido Shimbun newspaper the day after the races: the top 100 runners in the Men’s and Women’s races, the top 50 runners in each age-group category of the Men’s and Women’s races; and the top 10 runners in the Visually Impaired Men’s and Women’s races.
  • Gross time will be used for overall standings and net time for age group standings.

Entry Guidelines

  1. The organizer shall not take any responsibility other than the provision of first aid in the event of illness or injury, except due to the organizer’s intentional or gross negligence.
  2. Cancellation for personal reasons shall not be accepted once the application has been submitted.
  3. If the event is canceled due to an earthquake, storm, flood damage, incident, accident, epidemic/pandemic (including COVID-19), or any other reason beyond the organizer’s control, refund percentage terms are as follows:
    From the day of payment until three months before the event (until May 25) = 50%
    Within three months until one month before the event (May 26 to July 25) = 20%
    Within one month until the day of the race (July 26 to August 25) = 0%

    If the event is cancelled due to extreme heat (equivalent to a heat index [WBGT] of 28 or higher *1), the entry fee will not be refunded because the decision will only be made immediately before or on the day of the race.

    Participation from areas where a state of emergency has been declared on the day of the event may be refused. In this case, the entry fee shall be treated in the same manner as above.
  4. If the organizer determines that some participants may interfere with the continuation of the event, the organizer may advise the participants to cancel the event.
  5. If there is a false declaration such as that concerning age or gender, entry shall be cancelled.
  6. Entry by a person other than the applicant (substitute runner) will not be tolerated. If such a case is discovered, entry shall be cancelled.
  7. Applicants shall agree that personal information, such as their name, age, gender, place of residence (names of countries, prefectures and other administrative entities; names of cities, towns and villages), past records and portraits may be used in the marathon’s promotional materials, such as videos, photographs, articles and race data published via such media as newspapers, TV programs (including commercials), magazines, the Internet and pamphlets. They shall also agree that the publishing and portrait rights to such information belong to the organizer, and shall not execute their portrait rights.
  8. Please be sure to follow the race precautions separately designated by the organizer.
  9. The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, observes the Personal Information Protection Act and related regulations, and handles the personal information of participants based on a fixed privacy policy.
    To ensure the smooth operation of this event, personal information is used to provide entry information, inform runners of race records and related data and inform entrants of the next Hokkaido Marathon, as well as for to announce records, provide first-aid treatment and cooperate with medical institutions. It may be provided to third parties such as health centers, medical institutions, and the Japan Association of Athletics Federations for the purpose of preventing infectious diseases, and may be used by the organizer or disclosed to the event’s supporters and collaborators to provide information on services, products and the like offered by the organizer, supporters and collaborators. It may also be used by the organizer or trustees to confirm entry information.
  10. If the organizer found the participant’s bad behavior that interferes the preparation and operation of the event, your entry may be canceled. In such cases, your entry fee will not be refunded.
  11. If the organizer found some cheatings such as taking shortcuts, participant will be disqualified in the following years.
  12. After the confirmations of your entry and payment of your entry fee, it is considered that participants agree to the terms above, and the new coronavirus countermeasures.
  1. The decision will be made by checking the predicted WBGT values posted on the Ministry of the Environment’s website. Depending on the value, the competition may be canceled before it starts, new check points may be set, or the closing time may be moved on.


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